Олон улсын хурал

Эрдэм шинжилгээ нэр Хаана
1 Northeast Asian Forum of University Presidents (NAFUP) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 3-5 August, 2003
2 5th Executive Meeting of the Northeast Asian Forum of University Presidents (NAFUP) Beijing, Republic of China. 11 May, 2005
3 The Tenth Asian Pacific University Presidents Conference Shanghai, Republic of China. 12-14 June, 2005
4 Building an Innovative University for the Globalized World Akita, Japan. 15-16 October, 2005
5 Regional Mobility: Cooperation in Quality Assurance Shanghai, Republic of China. 1-4 March, 2006
6 Emerging Challenges, Emerging Practices, Sharing a Global Vision of Quality Assurance in Higher Education Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 5 February, 2007
7 Future of Quality Assurance in Asia Pacific - Cooperation amidst Diversity Makuhara, Japan. 19-22 February, 2008
8 Research presentations and publications  
9 The 4th International Conference on Optimization, Simulation and Control Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. July 1-4, 2013
10 Knowledge management in Mongolian higher education. The international forum for University Presidents on the challenge of the E-era for higher education. Taipei. 2002
11 Internationalization of the Curriculum and Regional Quality Assurance System in Higher Education. Asia-Pacific University Presidents conference Shanghai, China. 2005.
12 Academic research in the age of globalization. International conference, AIU, Japan. 2005,10
13 Proposal for strengthening regional cooperation in Higher education. APQN and AGM International conference, Shanghai, China. 2006
14 Building a cooperative university network: New perspectives. Seoul, Korea. 2006
15 Energy transmission and secret tantra (Neuro-cognitive analysis) The 9th International conference of Mongolists, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 2006
16 Quality assurance at regional level Asia-Pacific quality network. International conference Kuala Lumpur. 2007
17 Cooperation on quality assurance The Sangmyung University, Moving the World: 70th anniversary Presidents forum, Education and Global Communication, Seoul, Korea. 2008