University of the Humanities

Grand Chinggis Khaan 


8th Khoroo, Sukhbaatar district,14200,

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

P.O. Box – 210646/53

Tel: +976-11-318 524

Fax: +976-11-322 702




        University of The Humanities offers undergraduate and graduate courses, and conduct research projects on different areas of social sciences, humanities, ecological & management sciences, computing & information technology. 

              University of The Humanities has become a member of Asia-Pacific Quality Network in Higher Education, which allows the university to meet the international standards and requirements of leading Higher Education Institutions in the Asian-Pacific Region. Furthermore, the University has become a member of International Association of Universities (IAU) to ensure continuous improvements and encourage participation in international higher education events. Correspondingly, University of The Humanities has been expanding the facilities to enhance students’ competency, performance, and create both comfortable and qualitative education environment.

Most Significant Values

Long-term Philosophy      

    To become most leading and well recognized university, where it offers Social Science, Ecological and Environmental Science, Business, Information and Communication  Technology, and Linguistics Studies, in Asian Pacific Region. 

Valuable Mission Statement

    KNOWLEDGE ORIENTED SOCIETY, whereby continuously prepare and enhance competitiveness  of our UNIQUE PROFESSIONALS in global economy and workforce. 

Most Significant Values

  • Sustainable Development
  • Knowledge Capital 
  • Academic Freedom
  • National Culture
  • Creative Mind

For the decade, management of University of The Humanities will be mainly focusing on alternative courses and studies that is aiming ‘ Developing Integrated Capability of Students’. The foremost outcomes of this strategic project are, as follows;

  • Courses that are able to produce competitive and successful workforce for modern global market demands.
  • Obtaining technologically advanced, highly efficient and comfortable education environment
  • Venturing international universities awards and honors, and dual degree programs in Mongolia.
  • Generating superior range of research works and treatises
  • Be the Leader in Higher Education Industry by assistance of optimal plan for human resource, efficient and professional workforce and scholar doctorates.