University of the Humanities

Grand Chinggis Khaan 


8th Khoroo, Sukhbaatar district,14200,

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

P.O. Box – 210646/53

Tel: +976-11-318 524

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Index                  MajorsGroupDetails 
D312001 - Computer ProgrammingBachelor'smore info
D311300 - Information System ManagementBachelor'smore info
D480600 - Computer Graphics & DesignsBachelor'smore info
D141700 - Information Science TeachingBachelor'smore info
D340100 - Business AdministrationBachelor'smore info
D341400 - AccountingBachelor'smore info
D340600 - International Trade & Business AdministrationBachelor'smore info
D811000 - Travel & Tourism Management - minor foreign languageBachelor'smore info
D340400 - Financial ManagementBachelor'smore info
D340917 - Travel & Tourism managementBachelor'smore info
D340900 - Production ManagementBachelor'smore info
D340905 - Mining ManagementBachelor'smore info
D310300 - Theories of EconomicsBachelor'smore info
D310700 - Business EconomicsBachelor'smore info
D340500 - Marketing ManagementBachelor'smore info
D312000 - International Relations and EconomicsBachelor'smore info
D311400 - History Double degree programsmore info
D311900 - International relations, minor – professional translationDouble degree programsmore info
D312000 - International trade and business administration minor – professional translationDouble degree programsmore info
D320100 - Journalism and mass communication, minor – professional translation Double degree programsmore info
E143900 - Education studies, education managementMaster’s degreemore info
E220100 - Foreign Language and LinguisticsMaster’s degreemore info
E312300 - Cultural studiesMaster’s degreemore info
E320100 - Journalism and mass communicationMaster’s degreemore info
E341200 - Environment & Ecological managementMaster’s degreemore info
E221300 - Mongolian studiesMaster’s degreemore info
E341300 - Information system managementMaster’s degreemore info
E311800 - Sociology Master’s degreemore info
E340100 - Business AdministrationMaster’s degreemore info
F220100 - Linguistics and Foreign language Doctoral degreemore info
F221100 - Comparative literature and translation theoryDoctoral degreemore info
F143900 - Education studies, education managementDoctoral degreemore info
F340100 - Business managementDoctoral degreemore info
F320100 - Journalism and mass communicationDoctoral degreemore info
F312300 - Cultural Studies Doctoral degreemore info
D310708 - Agro EconomyBachelor'smore info
D340300 - Human Resource ManagementBachelor'smore info
D342702 - Banking Economy-Information ProcessingBachelor'smore info
D342703 - Banking economy-translationBachelor'smore info
D310301 - International economicsBachelor'smore info
D142400 - Environmental sciences teachingBachelor'smore info
D141700 - Information Science TeachingBachelor'smore info
D811000 - Tourism and translationDouble degree programsmore info
D850100 - Environment & Ecological ManagementBachelor'smore info
D341404 - Accounting & Information ProcessingBachelor'smore info
D220700 - Translator - Foreign LanguagesBachelor'smore info
D144500 - Teaching Chinese LanguageBachelor'smore info
D220100 - Foreign Language & LinguisticsBachelor'smore info
D311900 - International Relations & Foreign AffairsBachelor'smore info
D311600 - Civilization StudiesBachelor'smore info
D310100 - Behavioral StudiesBachelor'smore info
E311900 - International Relations & Foreign AffairsMaster’s degreemore info
E312000 - International Relations & EconomicsMaster’s degreemore info
E340900 - Production ManagementMaster’s degreemore info
E221100 - Comparative Literature & Translation TheoryMaster’s degreemore info
D311600 - Civilization StudiesBachelor'smore info
D144600 - Teaching Japanese LanguageBachelor'smore info
D144700 - Teaching GermanBachelor'smore info
D144800 - Teaching FrenchBachelor'smore info
D144900 - Teaching Korean LanguageBachelor'smore info
D143200 - Teaching English LanguageBachelor'smore info
D143201 - Teaching English - RussianBachelor'smore info
D143400 - Teaching Russian LanguageBachelor'smore info
D143401 - Teaching Russian - EnglishBachelor'smore info